Why is IELTS Important?

Why is IELTS Important?

IELTS is referred as the International English Language Test System. It is the international language proficiency test for the people whose native language is not the English language and needs to either work or learn in an English Speaking country as a temporary resident or a permanent one. IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai helps you get excellent scores in IELTS exam.

If you wish to travel abroad for any kind of purposes, then it is mandatory to attend IELTS test. Before appearing for the IELTS exam, just take a glance at the requirement for a minimum score. The better IELTS score certainly push up your CV and it is easily recognized by the respective people.

Most of the applicants wonder why it is significant to attend IELTS test. It is better to tell that it evaluates your skills in the English language i.e., writing, reading, speaking, listening, and capability to use it. Hence it is good to be well prepared. A high score surely makes you more visible globally, as English is the International language and you surely do not want to stand behind just because of an easy language.

How to apply for IELTS exam?

If you plan to apply for IELTS, it is very easy. All you need to do is to visit the official website and check the institute who offers the excellent IELTS Coaching in Chennai to enhance your knowledge. Once you join, check on the forthcoming exam dates and availability and then register for it. Before finalizing the date and center, you must read the terms and conditions carefully and know about the procedure for the payment.

There are two major types of IELTS and they are:

  1. The general IELTS
  2. The Academic IELTS

The general IELTS is for the applicants who want to immigrate to English speaking country for the purpose of work or training, whereas the academic IELTS is for those who need to pursue studies abroad. There is only a slight difference which involves between the above two types. The writing and reading sections are complexly different from each other whereas listening and speaking are the same. You will be questioned in context with daily subjects for general IELTS while for the academic IELTS much emphasis is on the analytical skills. It is advisable to take up IELTS Training in Chennai to enrich your English knowledge.

The entire IELTS test duration is about 2 hours and 44 minutes. It is significant to know the fact that the exam does not contain a fail format rather it contains band score starts from 1 to 9. While 1 is considered to be the lowest and 9 is the highest. Usually, the majority of the countries prefer 6.5 band that is based on the European Common Reference Framework for the languages that are equivalent to B2 level.

Once you appear for the IELTS exam, the results would be announced in 13 days. The score band is valid only for 2 years and if your score is low, you can attend IELTS exam any time of the year. Find the Best IELTS Coaching in Chennai to crack the exam. Good luck!!

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