Java and Python are programming languages which are a part of computer science. Both programming languages are in high demand in the competitive programming world. Python and Java both the languages have been battling for the top position on the most popular programming languages out there.


It is an object-oriented programming and concurrent language. It is a statically typed general-purpose language. Java follows the algorithm of WORA (Write once run anywhere) language and it is mainly designed to run on any of the platforms and with as few dependencies as possible with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) help through any Java Training in Chennai


Python’s early development was started at a research institute in the Netherlands. It is a dynamically-typed general-purpose language of programming and it acts as a bridge between C and the shell, creating system administration utilities using C back at that time. Python is easy to learn as it has easy syntax when compared to other programming languages, so demand for Python Training in Chennai increases. which have complicated syntax and the syntax also motivated by a few languages like Pascal, ABC, and Algol68.



Generally, languages don’t have speed, they have only semantics. But, when you want to compare speed, you can go for specific implementations to compare with each other. There is a project called the benchmarks-game, where you can find the differences in which different languages are benchmarked in different programs.


Both the languages have been a close competitor in the top 3 positions of popularity, along with JavaScript. There has always been a game between these two languages. Java was the number one popular language before the JavaScript revolution. In the 2018 survey of Stackoverflow’s developer, Python has crowned the most fastest growing programming language after taking over C# and surpassing PHP last year. In the ranking base, Java is still ranked above Python with 45% of developers meanwhile Python is ranked at 39%, however the gap between both the languages is nearly close.  


Obviously, when there is a question for both the languages which have easy syntax, the answer is Python. Because, Python is a dynamically typed language in which you don’t need to determine variable types and it doesn’t use enclosing braces and follows indentation rules. It is a little bit tough for beginners. Some of the developers find comfort with the clarity of statically typed languages because of its large code bases. Along with Java and Python Course, students learn PHP Training in Chennai and Angularjs Training in Chennai since these courses have excellent pay for the job.