Why Should I learn Java?

The future of Java Developers is very bright and prosperous and it helps in the applications of Android software as well. Java has been the first option for writing applications by the leading smartphone BlackBerry service. Java is the demanded language of today’s Web developers, and Java’s functionality is so dynamic that it has a stable scope in the long term.

Java is a computer programming language that has a general-purpose. Nonetheless, Java’s high technology features make it the Web developer’s first choice.

Application of Java and its types

  • Java can be used to create complete applications that could be running on a single computer or distributed between servers and network clients.
  • It can also be used to create a small applet or application module for a part of the website.
  • In every corner of the world and of human life, Java is commonly used. Java is often used not only in applications but it is also used for the layout of software components for hardware control.
  • More than 930 million JRE downloads and 3 billion Java-run mobile devices are available annually.

Types of Java application

Desktop GUI Applications:

Java offers the development of GUI through various means, such as AWT, Swing and JavaFX software. A GI widget-top-toolkit includes some advanced components such as trees, tables, scroll panes, tabbed-panels, and lists. Also,  it contains several pre-constructed components like a menu, key, list, and a variety of components from the third party.

Mobile Applications:

The Java Platform, Java ME or J2ME (Micro Edition) is a cross-platform framework for developing applications that operate across all supported Android devices, including smartphones and functionality. Moreover, Android applications are usually scripted in Java with the use of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), or other applications. This is one of the reasons for  Java to be the most popular language in mobile operating systems.

Web Applications:

Web applications can be supported by Java through servers, struts or JSPs. A large number of public applications like health, social safety, education, and insurance have been made using  Java-based applications through simple programming and increased security is provided by the programming language. Java also uses open-source eCommerce platforms as Broadleaf to develop web applications for the eCommerce market.

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