Web Designing and Graphics Designing

Web Designing and Graphic Designing

Many think that Graphic designing and Web Designing is the similar one. But both are not same, they have some differences in their own way. Both Web Designing and Graphic Designing have different functionalities in the job roles and responsibilities. In other countries, Graphic Design comes under the “Arts and Design” category and Web Design comes under “Computer and Information Technology”.  Graphic Designers mainly focus on the visual aspect of the project and In case of Web Designers, they concentrate on the technical aspect. Graphic Designer makes use of technology and web designer also works on graphic arts.  Let us discuss the difference between Web Designing and Graphic Designing. But people nowadays interested in Web Designing Course in Chennai rather than learning Graphic Designing technology since Web technology has excellent scope in the software world and IT companies. Let us have a look at the difference between Web Designing and Graphic Designing.

Web Designing

There are various skills and disciplines incorporated in Web designing technology. The skills are related to the maintenance and production of websites. Web Design areas include web graphic designing, interface designing, user experience designing, authoring and also search engine optimization. Generally, Web Designers focus on all aspects of the design process.

Main responsibilities of Web Designers

Web Designers have different roles and responsibilities and it varies from the companies they work on it. Mainly they used at the front end and back end development and also with the whole web related project. They used to compose code generally for any website projects. They also focus on the look and feel of the website and also they coordinate with the graphic designers to determine the layout of the website. Web Designers has to focus on various types of clients and gaming applications. Due to the demand for experienced web developer in top companies, Web Designing Course has great joining in recent days.

Graphics Designing

It is the process of designing the entire procedure of visual communication. Graphics Designing involves in different ways of typography, photography, and illustrations. This is the subset of design and visual communication.

Graphic Designers mainly focus on an art based aspect of the web project. The role of graphic designers is to handle the graphical side of the application like creating animation images etc., they involve in collaborating the images, symbols, text, page layout techniques, typography. Also, they focus on the promotion of the website as well as presentation.

Whatever may be Graphic or Web Designing both plays a major role in promoting a brand/product on the internet. At present, Web Designing companies are in high demand for experienced Web developer; make use of these wonderful opportunities by learning Web Designing Training in Chennai.