Unique features of iOS

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are OS used widely in recent mobile technology like tablets and smartphones. Android is the most widely used OS by different platforms and iOS is used only by the Apple device such as iPhone. Here are the top Unique features of iOS that other phone doesn’t have that helps to take up iOS Training in Chennai.

Edge to Edge Screen

When you look at iPhone X, you will never get the same feel for another phone look. Apple iPhone has a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen. Since Apple Display screen is OLED you will get improved brightness and bright colors.

Face ID-Security feature

Apple Company has introduced new face Id security feature that helps to keep your iPhone more secure. Phone unlock by recognizing your face. It has an excellent front-facing camera that unlocks your mobile from the face recognition.

Animated emojis

The newly animated emojis is an excellent exclusive feature in iPhone X. With the help of Face ID sensor it tracks the facial movement and it maps your expression and movement to an animated animojis.

Portrait – like Selfies

The camera system in Apple iPhone has an effect like DSLR. This creates an excellent depth and develops bokeh effects. It gives you some good attractive selfies.

Upgraded Battery

Wireless charging is the excellent feature in iPhone X. Also, the battery of iPhone is long lasting. iPhone X’s battery remains for 21 hours whereas iPhone 8 is little less that remains for 14 hours. Apple product iPhone also has a fast charging capacity within 30 minutes. If you think, this is the right one for you, buy it immediately or interested in learning about iPhone operating System, take iOS Course in Chennai.

These are the major difference between iOS Operating System and other Operating System. The above features are the major reason that attracts Apple product than others. Even though Android OS is widely used at present due to the friendly features that have but in the case of security iOS beats Android Operating System. Also, many institutes have included the iOS Training due to the demand at current market.