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How to maintain the Android Applications quality before publishing in the APP store

We are into the digital world and highly competitive world where the design and the information we provide becomes the first attraction to the buyers. First, know who your audience is. Unlike the previous generation, this generation is highly interested in the social media, android apps, and youtube. Join the Android Training in Chennai to hone your technical skills for the Android development. They love to see the latest news through the social media and watch the “youtube” channels to improve their skills or to follow the famous personalities, Android apps are used for learning and playing games. The mobile phones are used for the social media and “Youtube” channels and it invariably stresses on the good design and quality. An efficient android testing strategy consists of the Unit test, integration test, operational test and system test.  After checking the quality only the Android App is published in the App store. Let us see in detail on How to maintain the Android Applications quality before publishing in the APP store.

UI Design

The animated micro-interaction makes the animation as meaningful. The microscopy makes the mundane tasks into beautiful designs. Lorem ipsum with the Adobe CC 2017 help to design quickly. Some designs are placeholder designs which are used to hold the content whereas some designs are designed with aesthetic focus. Android Training provides In-depth training about the coding, designing, and the testing. Combining the multiple points of functionality is the successful User interface. Visuals, screen pixel, screen vibrancy and the text are the best way to make the design effective.

UX Design

When designing the UX of the Android phones it is done with the guidelines given by the specific operating system. The guidelines and the business needs have to be matched when designing the UI. The interactive elements like the location, map, and the color bring life to the Android phones. High-resolution images and the speed in the functions are some of the features which drag the demand to the android app. For headline and sub-headlines brand fonts are used, for the body text system fonts are used and for the button text system fonts should be used. Android Classes in Chennai is the best course as there is a huge opening for the android developers.

Android Application testing

The Android developers share the beta version of the app to the testers. There are so many tools available in the market for testing the Android Apps. Android testing tools are J Unit based and the J unit extensions are used for testing the mock objects. The SDK tools and the ADT are also used for the testing. Best Android Training in Chennai provides the in-depth coverage of the syllabus with a real-time project to help the intended learners. It is not possible to test the android apps manually. To design the android application without error both the coding team and the testing teams need to write the code and test the app.


Android apps are designed to reach the targeted audience. The SDK tool is for free and it provides testing and deploying of the android applications. It is easy to connect the android apps with social media. Android apps are connected through the g-mail, Facebook and Twitter account. The reachability is high for the android apps which promotes the business.